Cold weather, aches & pain

Well you’ve probably noticed that the cold and windy weather is really upon us, especially over these last few weeks. Cold weather in winter not only affects our mood and motivation, but also directly impacts on our muscles and joints. Why is this? Reduced daylight hours and cold temperatures act as deterrents to us gettingContinue reading “Cold weather, aches & pain”

Physiotherapy facts you need to know

Physiotherapy has been pretty effective in the management and treatment of diabetes, arthritis, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, stroke and a host of respiratory issues. Physiotherapists help you with effective tools and techniques to achieve, as well as, maintain an optimum degree of pain-free and functional existence. Physiotherapists would suggest a host of treatmentsContinue reading “Physiotherapy facts you need to know”

Ways to recover fast from injuries

Though your intention is to avoid injuries, we are yet to encounter a sportsperson or a fitness enthusiast, who has never got injured in his career or lifetime. Sports professionals and fitness freaks often end up getting injured. So your aim should really be to get rid of the injuries more effectively and quickly. HereContinue reading “Ways to recover fast from injuries”

Hydrotherapy Exercises

Your first session should be approximately 15-20minutes maximum, even if you feel ok. It is important to remember not to push through pain, and to ice the area after each session for 10-15minutes. WalkingForwardsBackwardsSidewaysProgress to joggingAdd in high knees, hams flicks x 4-6 laps each SquatsStart with mini squatsProgress to full squatsCan increase resistance withContinue reading “Hydrotherapy Exercises”

Patello Femoral Knee Pain (PFJ)

Patello femoral knee pain is one of the most common causes of knee pain in the adult and adolescent population. It results from the knee cap (patella) not tracking properly within the groove where it sits and and therefore causing pain when you bend your knee during certain actvities. Whilst it is a very easyContinue reading “Patello Femoral Knee Pain (PFJ)”

Lower Back Injuries

It is estimated that up to 70% of the adult population will experience non specific low back pain at some point in their lifetime. It is the leading cause of activity limitation and work absence in the world, yet it is generally very preventable and treatable. Basic Anatomy of the lower back:Your back is madeContinue reading “Lower Back Injuries”