Ergonomic Assessments

No two workplaces are the same and neither are we. Ergonomic assessments are used to identify workspace and patient specific issues and meet them head on with solutions. Back pain is prevalent in approximately 20-40% of office workers and can be associated with stress. Neck and shoulder pain are heavily associated with jobs involving prolonged periods of sitting at the computer. Wrist and hand pain are also other common complaints of work injuries that we can assist with.

Ergonomic assessment may involve:

  • Review of work tasks, work situations and schedule
  • Worker postural assessment and review of relevant medical history
  • Simple interventions and reassessment
  • Validated questionnaires to monitor change over time with interventions

Ergonomic interventions are often multi-faceted and may include:

  • Workstation setup
  • Pro-active strengthening exercises
  • Stretching/self-release of muscles
  • Management of underlying conditions
  • Education on exercise interventions in the work place, task modification and lifting
  • Software based interventions
  • A report on individual and where appropriate genera interventions

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