Ways to recover fast from injuries

Though your intention is to avoid injuries, we are yet to encounter a sportsperson or a fitness enthusiast, who has never got injured in his career or lifetime. Sports professionals and fitness freaks often end up getting injured. So your aim should really be to get rid of the injuries more effectively and quickly. Here are some effective tips that would help you resolve injuries faster.

Tips for Resolving Injuries without Losing Any Time

Use Ice Packs: There are immediate swelling and inflammation as a direct response to an injury. This could increase pressure and pain on nerves and restrict the normal range of motion. You must put ice packs on the affected area at once for about fifteen to twenty minutes. You would be required to go on repeating this after every few hours till the inflammation and redness completely subside.

Give Adequate Rest: By rest, it is not implied that you should be lying down on the bed and resting till your injury heals up. You just need to allow adequate rest to the affected area. For instance, if you have badly injured your right knee, you could carry on doing fitness exercises such as squats, leg presses, leg curls, jumps and calf raises etc. with the leg which is not injured. Fitness is the key to a successful career for athletes or other sports professionals. So keep doing light exercises without exerting any further pressure on the injured part.

Apply Topical Anti-Inflammatories: These could really serve the purpose of improving blood circulation all around the affected area and decreasing pain and inflammation. Topical anti-inflammatories seem to be better than oral anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen because they do not wreak havoc on your stomach. You could use topical pain management and topical magnesium. You should ideally apply topical magnesium after and before workouts. Topical pain management should be applied both in the mornings, as well as, the evenings.

Physiotherapy Treatments: Some injuries would be requiring the attention of a fully-qualified sports medicine physician or a physical therapist. The specialist would be using electrical stimulation, ultrasound, deep tissue management, manual manipulations, cutting-edge equipment or machines which combine compression and ice for speeding up the healing process. Sometimes, certain injuries could be managed effectively with alternative remedies including prolotherapy, acupuncture or even advanced muscle integration.

Heat Treatments: Heat could help tremendously in making the soft tissues all around the affected joint far more pliable and saves you from experiencing any sort of stiffness. For instance, if you seem to be just recovering from a serious back injury, you could consider using a heating pad on the affected lower back before participating in a game or run. On the other hand, if you seem to be recovering from a serious knee injury, you could use the fantastic knee sleeve for transmitting warmth to the affected knee joint.

Administer Oral Anti-Inflammatories: Pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories could be quite harsh on your stomach so try to avoid them as much as possible. However, you could turn to natural herbal remedies which could help you to heal faster and also, assist you in getting rid of inflammation effectively. Use proteolytic enzymes, as well as, anti-inflammatory herbs like ginger, garlic, and turmeric.

You should always follow your doctor’s advice. It is a good idea to seek a physician’s clearance before resuming your usual way of life if you had been seriously injured and are just recovering.

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