Cold weather, aches & pain

Well you’ve probably noticed that the cold and windy weather is really upon us, especially over these last few weeks. Cold weather in winter not only affects our mood and motivation, but also directly impacts on our muscles and joints.


Why is this?

Reduced daylight hours and cold temperatures act as deterrents to us getting out and being physically active. If we’re inclined to stay inside, and not move as much, our muscles and joints will become tighter.This in turn can cause poor postures and often resulting in aches and pains.


How does cold weather affectour muscles?

When we are cold we shiver, as it’s our body’s attempt to generate heat. There’s a cost to shivering and it is inincreasedmuscle tone and tightness. Increased muscle tightnesscan then restrict our movement,contributing to both muscle andjoint pain.

What can you do to relieve your pain?

Heat is a great form of treatment this time of year to help relax muscles and joints and to relieve pain. Use a heat pack or have a hot shower and combine it with some gentle stretching to improve the range of movement of your muscles and joints Alternatively come and see one of our physios for some hands on treatment like soft tissue release ( massage ) or joint mobilisation. Often one session can make a huge difference and you will feel so much better you will wish you had come to see us sooner! .


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