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Sports Physio

Sports Physio in Melbourne

Welcome to Leap Back Physio, the most reliable sports physiotherapist in Melbourne. We do not believe in treating the symptoms only, but believe in curing your pains and aches. We understand that nobody wishes to spend time on the treatment table. That is why we identify the root cause and try to alleviate the condition. We provide superlative sports physiotherapy to children, adolescents and adults for all kinds of sports related injuries. At Leap Back Physio we adopt a unique approach and strategy toward physiotherapy. We are always striving to go beyond the basics! No wonder we are the best sports physio in Melbourne.

Causes of Sports Injuries

Doing regular exercises or playing sport is really beneficial for your health and well-being. However, sometimes you could end up injuring yourself, while playing sports or exercising.

– Accidents such as a heavy blow or fall
– Poor training practices or techniques
– Not doing proper or adequate warming up
– Not stretching properly
– Not using appropriate equipment
– Overdoing or pushing too hard

Some Common Sports Injuries

– Swollen Muscles
– Strains &Sprains
– Rotator Cuff Injuries
– Pain All Along Your Shin Bone
– Knee Injuries
– Fractures
– Dislocations
– Achilles Tendon Injuries

How We Can Help?

Our highly experienced and proficient manual therapy as well as rehabilitation physiotherapists would be working hand in hand for addressing all issues relating to your sure and speedy recovery. Our focus is primarily on specialized and personalized care to reduce pain, restore mobility and practically we help you leap back to sport or usual activities certainly and safely.

Our aim is to help you resume your normal way of life in the shortest possible time. We provide hands-on treatment and work toward rehabilitation. We educate you regarding self-management techniques and strategies. We empower you with the knowledge and support for effectively managing your condition. We guide you every step of the way towards achieving your fitness goals surely and efficiently.

Leap Back Physio is a renowned sports physio Melbourne. Here our team of expert physiotherapists combine strengthening, muscle activation, core, proprioceptive, balance, and stretching exercises for complementing manual mobilization, dry needling and manipulation treatments. We strongly believe that this magical blend works best for performing at your best consistently and avoiding re-injury.

Leap Back Physio was founded by Amy Walsh, who is the current director of the organization. She has extensive experience in physiotherapy and she specializes in sports injuries and their management. She has a sound knowledge and expertise on manual therapy strategies & techniques.